14 examples of how the directors left clues to the audience, but only the chosen ones understood them

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If you approach the creation of the film professionally and with love, then each viewing of it can reveal something new to the audience. Easter eggs, hints, metaphors and other techniques are used just so that we continue to discuss the work even years after the premiere.

Here we are, once again reviewing the iconic pictures, noticed that the directors often give a hint on the further development of the plot. However, in such a way that from the first time no one still understands anything.

Black Widow (2021)

Usually, Marvel solo films introduce us to some of the characters and events that matter in the company’s next films. But Natasha Romanoff sacrificed herself in the last picture, and to further reveal the character of this character seems strange. But to introduce us to Elena performed by Florence Pew – is quite logical. Probablythe picture became the spoiler of the next film: Elena will replace her sister in the Avengers universe.

Last Night in Soho (2021)

The first scenes in the movie often set the tone for the whole story. Eloise’s dance at the very beginning of the picture fully reveals to us her hobbies and character, which is the main narrative. In addition to the fact that she loves the culture of the 60’s, you can to understandthat she tends to copy her idols. Throughout the film, she will either inhabit Sandy’s body in dreams, then copy her image in reality.

It is also worth paying attention to the rules of the hostess when renting. She warns that the house smells of garlic and the girl should not bring men after 20:00. Garlic is a mask for the smell of what’s on the walls, and 8pm is the time Sandy and Jack first met when she trusted him. Apparently, this memory persisted even after many years, and she tried to save Eloise from repeating her mistakes. Towards the end, the girl violates this ban, brings John home, and the worst part of the film begins.

The Truman Show (1998)

At the beginning of the film, when Truman begins to realize that he is being watched, he notices a girl in a hat and she smiles at him. Later it turns out that most of the profits from the show – hidden advertising. After these words, we see this girl again in the same hatand she is clearly posing motionless for some commercial or cover of a fashion magazine.

The Secret of Coco (2017)

At the beginning of the cartoon, Miguel told his dog Dante that he needed to find his great-grandfather. The dog immediately took him to Hector, which, as it turns out later, it wasn’t easy. It also speaks to who Dante really is.

Dune (2021)

At the beginning of the film, Paul tells Duncan that in a dream he saw a beetle next to his body. Later, Duncan also sees a beetle, and in the next scene he just has to decide fight. Paul’s dreams predicted a lot (although they were wrong), but the beetle has a different meaning if you read the book. Most likely, we will find a connection between Duncan and this insect in the following parts of the Dune.

Encanto (2021)

Encanto is the first Disney cartoon in which the main character wears glasses. It may sound like a movie because her mother treats people, but for some reason she didn’t cure her daughter. Mirabel was the only one in the family of magicians who did not receive magical power, but she did receive strange ones points. It seems to be a hint that she still has some peculiarity.

Most likely, this is how she looks at the world: through the optics of empathy and kindness. Only she was able to unite family members who quarreled with each other. Its power is not supernatural, as in relatives, but no less useful. However, outside the screen, such a force is magic, because we are deprived of magic in the usual sense of the word.

X-Men: First Class (2011)

When we first see an adult Magneto at the beginning of the film, he uses telekinesis to throw coin in Shaw’s portrait, and she sticks right in his forehead. This refers to the scene of the decisive confrontation of the heroes.

The Queen’s Move (2020)

One of the users networks noticed in the series a reference to picture Alan Gilbert’s “All That Vanity.” The mirror and the reflection of Beth’s foster mother in it are very similar to a skull. In addition to the homage, this shot is also a hint that something could happen to her.

Coraline in the Land of Nightmares (2009)

When the main character first visits another world, there is a commotion outside the window thunder, and the lightning turns out to be very similar to some hand of a skeleton. We’ll find out later who it belongs to.

Hang in the Palm Springs (2020)

The groom’s mother told the hero at the wedding that she “saw more weddings than he could imagine.” Most likely, this is a reference to the fact that she also got into the temporary loop. In the end, she even says goodbye to the hero, realizing that he may soon leave the cycle. But she herself is not going to return to normal life: she is no longer young, but she had a chance to endlessly celebrate the wedding with loved ones.

The killing of the sacred deer (2017)

Supernatural events begin to take place in the film, when Martin realizes that Stephen will not replace his father, that is, he is not going to atone for his guilt. The first scene after that shows Stephen’s son, over whose bed hangs a picture with a picture deer. This may not only be a sign that he is first on Martin’s list, but also a reference to the end of the tape.

Game of Thrones (2011–2019)

What will happen to the houses of the Starks and Baratheons was clear in the 1st series of “Game of Thrones”, when scouts found deer carcasses and wolf. They fought, and both did not survive. The fact is that these beasts are symbols of these houses. The Baratheon House has a coat of arms with a deer, Robert even wears a crown resembling deer antlers. And the fact that wolves are a symbol of the Starks’ house is first mentioned in this scene. Due to extortion and betrayal, these houses will be practically mutually destroyed, and for all family members it will have fateful consequences.

In the 1st series there is another one scene, which revealed the whole undertone of Daenerys. In it she calmly enters the bath, from which comes a thick steam, although even the maid warned her: “The water is too hot, my lady!” Later we will understand why she is not afraid of high temperatures.

You’ve probably noticed something similar when reviewing your favorite pictures. Share your observations.

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