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In the modern world, cinema is developing so rapidly and produces such a huge number of films and series a year that all of them simply become impossible to follow. Although it is even more problematic, perhaps, to find among all this variety really worthy options, after watching which you will not regret the time spent.

We are in decided to study the bright serial novelties of the year, which came out recently, but have already managed to prove themselves and get a high rating from grateful viewers.

12. Pam and Tommy

  • IMDb rating – 7.3

This mini-series is dedicated to the relationship between the infamous newlyweds – drummer Tommy Lee and the star of the series “Malibu Rescuers” Pamela Anderson. One day, the couple hires a group of workers to overhaul their mansion. But in the process, Tommy endlessly forces them to make changes, and then even drives the team away, accusing him of unprofessionalism.

But the guys were not ready to silently endure such injustice. Therefore, having seized the cassette with the video, which is important for Pam and Tommy, they do not think about it and without the slightest remorse sell it, making the couple’s private life public.

11. Gilded age

  • IMDb rating – 8.0

The action of this luxurious costume drama from the creators Downton Abbey takes place in the 19th century. A young girl named Marian Brooke, who recently lost her father and is left without a livelihood, moves from the province to New York to her wealthy conservative aunts. Thanks to them, she gains access to higher society, but she still has a lot to learn to get used to it.

10. Something about Pam

  • IMDb rating – 7.0

One day Russ Faria came home and found his wife Betsy breathless in the living room. The police immediately agree that the man is guilty, so they do not even try to conduct a thoughtful investigation. What a help to the victim’s friend – Pam Happ, who drove the woman home that unfortunate evening.

The plot of this 6-episode crime drama is based on real events. And the cold-blooded heroine in the series, by the way, played inimitable and changed again for the role of Rene Zellweger beyond recognition.

  • By watching the series, I learned more about the human psyche than in any psychology course in college. © PeteB123 / IMDb
  • The series exceeded all my expectations. I think that at the moment he is very underestimated. © etmachina / IMDb

9. The last days of Ptolemy Gray

  • IMDb rating – 7.8

“The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray” is another interesting 6-episode project. Samuel Jackson’s hero, 90-year-old Ptolemy Gray, has been forgotten by all relatives and friends. But in fact, in a sense, this is a “mutual” process, because because of dementia, the man himself remembers little.

He was once invited to take part in an experiment: he would have to take a drug that restores memory but reduces life expectancy. In order to regain valuable memories of the past associated with the loss of his dear nephew, he agrees to this adventure.

8. Dirty black bag

  • IMDb rating – 7.2

The action of the action western takes place in the classic entourage of the Wild West of the XIX century. An experienced lone headhunter nicknamed the Red Bill has long been famous for his work. And this does not give rest to Arthur McCoy – the principled and incorruptible sheriff of the small town of Greenvale. In fact, his job is to ensure order and compliance with the law only in the territory specifically entrusted to him. But Arthur has personal accounts with Bill, so he gets into a difficult confrontation.

7. Vikings: Valhalla

  • IMDb rating – 7.1

This project – spin-off famous and popular series “Vikings”. The action takes place about a century after the last events of the previous part, and the place of the heroes we already know is taken by a new generation of Danes. They do not yet know that the Viking Age is approaching sunset, and continue to fight for their place under the sun, repelling external enemies and trying to contain internal divisions.

6. Jack Reacher

  • IMDb rating – 8.1

The basis of this project lay down writer Lee Child’s detective bestsellers about the lone hero Jack Reacher, once played by Tom Cruise. The main role in the series is played by Alan Ritchson.

Jack Reacher is literally in all sorts of trouble. Wherever he is, problems follow him. This time, too, he somehow finds himself at the center of events and, even worse, one of the main suspects in a case to which he has no equal. More precisely, he did not have. And now, since law enforcement officers don’t want to do their job, Jack has to investigate himself.

5. Ipcress dossier

  • IMDb rating – 7.2

This series – remake a 1965 classic spy thriller starring Michael Kane. The main role was played by Joe Cole, one of the stars of the series “Sharp Peaks”.

Harry Palmer is a brave young man from the working class who took on too much in terms of wholesale purchases and trade and was eventually caught by the hand. However, he was soon offered a solution to the law. But only in exchange for his work as a spy. So the guy finds himself under cover in the center of a dangerous operation.

4. Slow horses

  • IMDb rating – 7.8

Once a successful and ambitious agent, River Cartwright, after a failed training assignment, is sent to a department called “Slow Horses”, which consists of retired spies. At first it seems that this is a complete failure and the end of his career, because all the work in the department includes only boring tasks, which are entrusted to no less boring and pathetic boss Jackson Lamb. However, soon the whole team is involved in a dangerous mess that dramatically changes their lives.

3. External spheres

  • IMDb rating – 7.8

The series tells the story of a rancher in Wyoming who has to solve several serious problems. First, the family is still experiencing the mysterious disappearance of the daughter-in-law. Secondly, a rival family of farmers decides to encroach on their land. Finally, the man discovers an incomprehensible secret in his pasture – a huge and bottomless black hole, the appearance of which is impossible to explain.

2. At a low start: Battle for Uber

  • IMDb rating – 7.2

Travis Kalanik is one of the founders of Uber, and for his company he is ready to take a bite out of anyone. The only problem is that he behaves excessively harshly and aggressively, not only with potential enemies and competitors, but with all people. Because of this, those around him, including colleagues and subordinates, are afraid of him and dislike him, and when the occasion turns up, they decide to get rid of him by getting rid of the leader’s chair.

  • Raised the score when inspected. An easy but very exciting series that is worth watching. And a point. © paul-allaer / IMDb
  • I can recommend this series, because there is not a single boring scene, and all the actors are good. © xmike25541 / IMDb

1. From the outside

  • IMDb rating – 7.6

In the wilderness, away from prying eyes, lost a seemingly unremarkable town. However, he still hides a couple of secrets. For example, it is impossible to leave it, even if you just passed by. Therefore, in the afternoon, involuntary residents are trying to find a way out. And after sunset, going outside is strictly prohibited.

What other fresh series could you recommend to watch?

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