12 movies and TV series that will help distract from the news

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Now we need good movie heroes like never before. Choose with your heart, and let it be calm in the company of Peter Parker, the Hobbits, Lyudmila Prokofievna Kalugina or Harry Potter. Professor Dumbledore said that “happiness can be found even in the dark, if you do not forget to turn to the light.” From us to the list for viewing – 12 more soulful movies, cartoons and TV series.

Let’s start with cartoons that you and your children will enjoy:

“The Cup Show!”

“The Cup Show!” (TV series 2022 – …) / The Cuphead Show! / Netflix

Recent premiere, short series in the style of early “Disney” based on the game Cuphead. In the Russian version, the main characters are called Chashek and Kruzhek. You will not notice how you start singing along to the screensaver and sincerely worry about the Old Teapot.

“The way home”

“Дорога домой” (2021) / Back to the Outback / Netflix

Suitable for viewing with kids. The philosophical story of a company of deadly (but still extremely cute in appearance) animals who decided to escape from the zoo. On the face of terrible, kind inside.

“Budni Daga”

“Budni Daga” (TV series 2021) / Dug Days / “Disney +”

Take a break. Small series about the same dog from the cartoon “Up!”. Now he lives with his grandfather in a cozy house and chases a local squirrel.

Let’s add some non-Hollywood pictures:


“Triumph” (2020) / Un triomphe / Okko

The plot is based on the real story of the actor who decided to stage Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot” with prisoners. The place of action here is France.

“Italian vacation”

“Italian Vacation” (2020) / Odio l’estate / KinoPoisk

And this is the sunny Italian coast. Three families accidentally rent the same house by the sea during the holidays and are forced to live together.

“I was created for you”

“I was created for you” (2021) / Ich bin dein Mensch / KinoPoisk

A German romkom from the future about a girl who participates in an unusual experiment. Ее the ideal man is made to her order. Whether the robot (and the girl herself) is capable of real feelings – remains to be seen by both.

And a documentary about the characters that inspire:

The Beatles: Get Back

“The Beatles: Get Back” (mini-series 2021) / “Disney +”

Peter Jackson (“The Lord of the Rings”, “King Kong”) if he makes a movie, it is always epoch-making. Here is a documentary epic about the creation of the album “Let it be”. Fans are crying with happiness: Jackson has restored, digitized and edited 56 hours of material that has never been shown before.

“Max Richter’s Dream”

SLEEP by Max Richter, performing with the American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME) and Grace Davidson at Grand Park in Los Angeles, CA. July 2018 © Mike Terry

Cinema meditation. A documentary about the project of the famous British composer – a night concert where musicians perform their parts and the audience can listen or sleep.

“Margela: In your own words”

“Margela: In His Own Words” (2019) / Martin Margiela: In His Own Words / MovieSearch

If you like fashion movies, you will especially like this one. He himself is a work of fashion art. Martin Margela, like Banksy, is never shown to the public. Therefore, in the picture you will see only his hands and hear his voice. And, of course, look at the best works.

Long-established films. And suddenly they didn’t see:

«1 + 1»

“1 + 1” (2011) / Intouchables / Apple TV / In Russia: “Cascade Movie”, “New Disk”

The history of cinema knows many pictures about the unconditional victory of good and the thirst for life. And this is one of the most uplifting. The friendship of two opposing heroes will make you laugh and cry, and then laugh again. And definitely find peace in the soul.

“Amazing Mrs. Meisel”

“The Amazing Mrs. Meisel” (TV series 2017 – …) / The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel / «Amazon Prime Video»

A series about a girl who, in front of your eyes, will turn from a comfortable housewife into a stand-up star. Awesome main character, subtle humor, stylish retro picture. A new season has just started.


“Once” (2007) / Once / MovieSearch / “West Video”

Just a music movie. You’ll probably learn some tunes, and one song won an Oscar. Like all good stories, this one is very simple. It’s about a street musician and a girl who once accidentally stopped to listen to him play the guitar.

Collage on the cover: “Cup Show!” (TV series 2022 – …) / The Cuphead Show! / Netflix

“The Amazing Mrs. Meisel” (TV series 2017 – …) / The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel / «Amazon Prime Video»

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