12 male idols with about 1 million Instagram followers

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As k-pop idols and their groups grow in popularity, fans want to feel more connected to them. Thanks Instagram fans in the near and far abroad get the opportunity to watch some of their favorite stars, interact with their content, as well as receive updated information about them.

Previously, many idols were not allowed to have a personal account Instagrambut now that interest in k-pop artists is growing, it’s important to use a global platform to connect with fans.

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Having 1 million subscribers Instagram is often seen as a huge achievement, although the figures may not fully reflect the idol’s popularity. It also shows the degree of influence of the idol and interest in him.

Introducing some k-pop idols with about 1 million subscribers. Please note that the list includes idols with at least 660,000 subscribers Instagramand although perhaps not all idols are on the list, these are some of the celebrities with almost 1 million subscribers as of March 10, 2022.

  1. Chani (SF9)

The singer and actor continues to attract fans and arouse interest around the world thanks to his talent and unique appearance. He tops this list with more than 980,000 subscribers. Instagram: @c_chani_i

  1. Zhuhong (MONSTA X)

Flawless duality Zhuhong especially noticeable on his page in Instagram – from funny selfies to iconic fashion images. He is in 2nd place with more than 973,000 subscribers. Instagram: @joohoneywalker

  1. Holland

A talented artist whose acting debut in the upcoming web drama BL “Ocean like me” (working title) fans are looking forward to, ranked 3rd with more than 969,000 subscribers. Instagram: @holland_vvv

  1. Yu Taeyang (SF9)

Thean He is popular not only for his legendary stage performances, but also for his charming selfies and stunning dance covers, which he shares with his fans. With 951,000 subscribers, he is 4th on the list. Instagram: @ taeyang_0228

  1. Ken (VIXX)

With a page filled with cute selfies and cool moments, the genius of visuals will bless your feed with his updates. Ken ranks 5th with more than 948,000 subscribers. Instagram: @ keken_0406

  1. Hyonshik (BTOB)

After returning from the army and releasing an impressive album, Hyonshik again conquers the hearts of fans with his voice and appearance. With more than 940,000 subscribers, it ranks 6th on the list. Instagram: @imhyunsik

  1. Very and Ban Yongkuk from BAP

Two participants BAPas well as the unit Bang & Zelo, Yongkuk and Very share 7th place with 787,000 subscribers each.

Tape Instagram Very very fun and entertaining, filled with nice content that will make you smile with each update. Instagram: @byzelo

Artistry Yonguka felt not only in his music but also in his publications. Hip-hop rapper and producer recently returned with his second album «2». Instagram: @bangstergram

  1. Aaron (NU’EST)

His band will be soon disbandedbut fans are sure Aaron will continue to delight them with his incredible music and share touching moments with his dogInstagram. He is number 8 on the list with more than 770,000 subscribers. Instagram: @nuestaron

  1. Dehon (BAP)

Idol and musical actor delights fans not only with his music and performances, but also with his content in Instagramconsisting of selfies, fun group photos and behind-the-scenes moments. Taking 9th place in the list, Dehon has more than 758,000 subscribers. Instagram: @official_jdh

  1. Honsok (PENTAGON)

Cute selfies, charming behind-the-scenes moments, regular updates from the gym and the best photos of the “boyfriend”. These are the types of content you can enjoy from Honsokaand with more than 695,000 subscribers, it ranks 10th on this list. Instagram: @_hongseokie

  1. Hans (VICTON)

Just like his incendiary performances on stage, like his subtle sense of fashion and iconic images, every photo in his Instagram it looks as if it is displayed on a “mood board” in the field of fashion or art. With more than 669,000 subscribers, he is 11th on the list. Instagram: @dxhxnxe

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