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Mysterious ladies often occupy the minds of famous film directors. Moreover, what is hidden in the incomprehensible female soul can form the basis of a strong dramatic picture.

We are in remembered the films, the heroines of which keep fateful secrets or everyday secrets, and therefore these tapes keep the viewer in suspense until the final titles.

Pippa Lee’s Private Life (2009)

Pippa Lee is a caring wife and exemplary hostess. The idyllic life of a woman is overshadowed by longing for youth. Fun, bad habits, romantic adventures of the past do not give the heroine peace. And suddenly a young man appears in a woman’s life, who becomes her main secret.

  • IMDb rating – 6.3

Disappeared (2014)

On the day of the 5th wedding anniversary, Nick’s wife suddenly disappears. Evidence indicates the husband of the missing woman. But further investigation shows that the couple’s life was not so cloudless, and the husband is far from ideal. But Amy is not as simple and defenseless as everyone thought. She can outwit and outplay everyone around.

While working on the image of the main character Rosamund Pike was inspired Nicole Kidman in Die in the Name (1995) and Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct (1992).

  • IMDb rating – 8.1

Vicious Ties (2005)

The story of how a light flirtation at a wedding party can suddenly reveal the secrets of the past, which the hero and heroine would rather not remember. In the main female role – incomparable and 100% mysterious Helena Bonham Carter.

  • IMDb rating – 6.9

Suit (2022)

1956, Chicago. Leonard Burling is the personal tailor of the mafia boss. Once lingering at work, he becomes an involuntary accomplice in criminal fights, and everything in his life turns upside down.

Secretary of the Berlin Mabel actually works for law enforcement. Circumstances are such that it is Berling who can help complete Mabel’s secret mission.

  • IMDb rating – 7.2

The girl who gives hope (2020)

Cassandra is a former medical college student who lives with her parents and hides a lot from them. The girl leads a double life: during the day she works in a coffee shop, and then goes to parties, where she pretends to be cheerful and frivolous, attracts men, and then repulses them. So Cassandra takes revenge on her friend, who was seriously offended while a student.

  • IMDb rating – 7.5

Century Adalin (2015)

Adalin outwitted the whole world. She has a secret that no one has been able to reveal yet: 77 years ago she had an accident and has since stopped growing old. Adalin carefully keeps his secret – he constantly moves and changes documents. But one day the heroine meets a man for whom she wants to stay and live like everyone else.

  • IMDb rating – 7.2

Emily the Criminal (2022)

Emily is an awkward and indecisive girl who has to get involved in a dubious venture due to financial problems. So an ordinary waitress becomes a criminal and quickly realizes that everything has consequences.

  • IMDb rating – 7.1

Match Point (2005)

Nola is a young actress. Chris is a tennis coach who is about to marry a rich heiress, but can’t stand Nola. The heroes become lovers and hide their connection. When it turns out that the girl is pregnant, Chris decides to finish everything, but the heroine is not as simple and naive as it seems.

Match Point is not the first film in which Scarlett Johansson has starred divorcee. The actress got a similar role in the films “Prestige” (2006) and “Promise – does not mean marriage” (2009).

  • IMDb rating – 7.6

When You Finish Saving the World (2022)

Evelyn works in a shelter and helps people cope with difficult situations. At the same time, the heroine cannot find common ground with her teenage son Ziggy. They are from different planets, any communication is doomed to failure.

Always collected and responsible, Evelyn cannot restrain her motherly love and unnoticed directs it to another boy living in the shelter.

  • IMDb rating – 6.6

Zalet (2020)

Zoe has a secret: she recently found out she was pregnant. The girl is confused, all her plans go under the cat’s tail. She despairs and tries to use the last 9 months of her freedom to make her dreams come true. This is a story about choice and fear of responsibility – the issues that are not so often raised in films about girls in position.

  • IMDb rating – 6

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon (2021)

The main character is a girl with unusual abilities. She escapes from the hospital and goes to New Orleans, where she will face the difficulties of the modern world.

  • IMDb rating – 6.4

Memory (2021)

Jessica Holland is an orchid specialist. She is afflicted by a strange illness: either from fatigue or from sadness, she occasionally hears a sound like cotton. In an attempt to understand his origins, Jessica becomes increasingly detached from reality.

  • IMDb rating – 6.6

What is your favorite movie about women with secrets? How many movies from our selection have you watched?

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