12 cult characters, which some actors and actresses glorified and others ruined

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There are dozens of characters in world cinema who have become cult. Films and TV series are being made about them, and every director and performer wants to bring something of their own to the legendary image. Therefore, often in different adaptations of the same character may differ in character and behavior.

We are in followed the transformation of famous characters in various films and series.


“Cinderella” 2015 is a film adaptation of the 1950 Disney cartoon of the same name. Retelling of an animated film that has become a classic, collected cinemas around the world are full of director Kenneth Branagh’s box office.

In addition, the film was nominated for prestigious film awards, and the play starring Lily James was praised by critics and viewers. According to them, the creators of the picture and the actors managed to convey the atmosphere of the original cartoon.

IN picture In 2021, there is no trace of the classic image of Cinderella. The heroine is not in a hurry to get married, and the purpose of life is a career. The audience did not like such changes, and the picture eventually failed. Camille Cabello, the lead actress, also got it. In her Cinderella spectators did not find such familiar and beloved from childhood character traits.

Hercule Poirot

“Death on the Nile” 1978 called traditional British cinema. The role of detective Hercule Poirot in it was played by Oscar-winning actor Peter Ustinov. The film received positive reviews from critics, and the lead actor more than once embodied this image in subsequent film adaptations of the detective series.

In the 21st century, play the legendary character Agatha Christie was entrusted to actor and director Kenneth Bran. And although there are no specific mistakes in his game of criticism noticedthey agreed that in comparison with Ustinov, he does not pull this role.

Tony Soprano

James Gandolfini did a lot for the sake of an accurate image on the screen of mobster Tony Soprano. To to look tired in the frame, the actor could not sleep a day. Often a man was showered with stones to make his shoes look naturally irritated. The actor’s efforts were not in vain: Gandolfini received 3 Emmy Awards, 3 Actors Guild Awards and 1 Golden Globe statuette.

14 years later, in 2021, a crime drama came out Newark’s Multiple Saintsrevealing the background of the series “Soprano”. The role of young Tony was played by James Gandolfini’s son, Michael. The guy could not repeat the success of his father, and a new film called just an occasion to reconsider the old series.


Jules Verne’s novel “Around the World in 80 Days” repeatedly screened. The most famous movie versions – mini-series 1989 and the film 2004. The role of the protagonist’s assistant – Frenchman Jean Passepartout – was played by British comedian Eric Idle and Hollywood star Jackie Chan.

And if the audience fell in love with the first actor, called his work is excellent, then Jackie Chan got it in full. People counted inappropriate branded combat tricks of the actor.

The witch

Hollywood movie “Witch” with Nicole Kidman starring is a remake of the 1964 series “My wife bewitched me”. In both cases, the main character is a witch who marries an ordinary man.

Only in the 60’s sitcom became incredibly popular. The audience was amazed by the unprecedented special effects and sharp themes that the heroes raised.

It is not possible to repeat such a success of the remake succeeded. The film received 5 Golden Raspberry nominations, and Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell became the worst screen couple of the year. Critics did not skimp on epithets and called the comedy a real disaster.


A remake of the black comedy of the mid-50s “Lady’s Killers” critics call one of the worst directorial works of the Cohen brothers. “Gentlemen’s Games” did not save from the wrath of the public even Tom Hanks in the lead role.

On opinion viewers and critics, Tom, like the rest of the actors, overplayed too much. The original to this day enters in many ratings of the best comedies of all time.

Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor’s character played by Linda Hamilton became cultand therefore the actresses who got this role in later adaptations, had a hard time.

Lina Heedy in the series “Terminator: Battle for the Future” tried move away from a familiar image and show a completely different heroine – a frightened single mother. The experiment did not work. The audience was indignant, not so much because of the character, but because of appearance. Sarah Connor rocked her muscles to fight the machines. Heidi didn’t have enough muscle to do that.

Emilia Clarke, who played Sarah in the movie “Terminator: Genesis”, also expected failure. The picture itself was taken negatively, people wrotethat the saga has bottomed out. According to the public, Emilia did not have a militant and mature woman, but rather a teenage girl.


Gulliver’s Travels – a classic of world literature, and there were many adaptations of this work. For example, series 1996, starring Ted Danson. This work of criticism considered a wonderful reading of the original novel, paying tribute to Ted’s play. In his opinion, everything was fine in it.

What can you say about Jack Black, who played Gulliver’s movie 2010. The creators allowed themselves a free retelling of the work, transferring the events to modernity. The public’s anger knew no bounds, the movie was dubbed a low-grade comedy, and Black’s play called fake.

Betty Ross

As soon as the news broke that Liv Tyler would play the Hulk girl in a new one screenplay comics, magazines wrotethat’s a good sign. They hoped that the actress would bring to the image of tenderness and femininity, which was so lacking in the heroine of the 2003 film Hulk. Jennifer Connelly, according to critics, played a tough and detached girl who could hardly tame the green monster.

Liv Tyler took the role seriously. To authentically play the superhero girl, actress and her filmmaker Edward Norton spent hours discussed the relationship of their characters. Well, the effort was not in vain.

Willy Wonka

The film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” 1971 was the first film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. The main role in it was played by comedian Gene Wilder. By the way, in 2011 the frame from this movie became memdenoting the sarcasm of the interlocutor.

But back to the 70’s. Despite the high marks of the public, Dahl remained extremely dissatisfied tape. When it was decided to shoot another film, the writer’s family took an active part in the selection of actors. The main role went to Johnny Depp, who played in the casting of Bill Murray, Nicholas Cage and Jim Carrey.

The actor did a brilliant job. It was written about his Wonka that he turned out to be a deep hero with emotional wounds. Depp made his character alive and showed that Willie has a difficult past, which he himself is afraid to look into.

Snow White

Kristen Stewart starred in the 2012 film “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Many spectators were delighted with her performance. Magazines wrotethat she got the perfect Snow White with her inherent militancy.

In the movie of the same year “Snow White: Revenge of the Dwarves” the fabulous role went to Lily Collins. And although the picture was nominated at the Oscars, she could not conquer the audience. They did not expect to see Snow White such an uncharacteristic mumble. The image of the princess turned out to be too superficial, she clearly lacked depth.


On in words George Clooney, the role of Batman opened for him previously unseen horizons in Hollywood. At the same time, from the point of view of art, he called the tape Batman and Robin a waste of money. The audience was not happy with Clooney. According to them opinionhis character lacked thoughtfulness and gloom.

Christian Bale, on the other hand, loved his role. Before filming “Batman: The Beginning” he more than once spokethat I would like to embody this image on the screen, and Christopher Nolan’s proposal, of course, accepted. Bale tried to make the character not a classic superhero, but an “enraged monster”. The actor explained this impulse by the fact that he was disappointed with previous film adaptations of comics.

Feature Batman 2022 is that the image of the protagonist was inspired by Nirvana. The Bat man was played by Robert Pattinson. Many viewers did not expect anything special from “the guy from” Twilight “, but the actor showed a real class. People they writethat Robert is not playing, but as if living a role.

Who do you think managed the role better than the others in our selection, and who clearly lacked talent?

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