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Working in cinema requires a lot of work, including emotional. Sometimes actors don’t just mindlessly memorize roles, but play as they feel. And sometimes they get so used to the role that after the filming they leave the subject for a long time.

We are in remembered films in which the emotions of the actors were not fake, but real.

The Hunger Games: The Ridiculous Jay. Part 1

In the scene where Pete is first shown on television, Katniss can barely hold back her tears at the sight of her lover. These emotions were sincere.

The fact is that Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, who played Katniss and Pete, during the filming of the franchise steel friends. In the first “Jay-mocker” by the actors was there were few scenes together, and Lawrence missed her friend so much that the shots with him really touched her.

People in black

In one scene from People in Black, Agent Kay was to receive important information from Frank Pug. Actor Tommy Lee Jones, who played the agent, had to shake a real dog and talk to him.

The scene was so funny that the actor himself could barely restrain himself during the filming, trying not to laugh. So in this episode, Kay’s eternally serious agent had a smile on his face for a moment.

The devil wears Prada

Playing tough boss Miranda Priestley, Meryl Streep resorted to to the method of acting that underlies Stanislavsky’s system. Following this method, the actor should understand your hero, empathize with him and sincerely express your emotions.

Throughout the filming of the Strip did not go out from the image, kept aloof from colleagues and kept the appearance of a cold and calculating woman. She got so used to the role that she really intimidated Anne Hathaway, who played Andy. After the filming, Streep had mental health problems, which forced her to abandon this technique in the future.

Kill your loved ones

Daniel Radcliffe, who played Allen Ginsberg, confessedthat there were a lot of improvisations during the filming. So, in the heartbreaking scene of Lucien’s (Dane Dehan’s) farewell to Allen, when he first announced his departure for Paris, Daniel’s tears were sincere.

In one of the interviews the actor toldthat before filming the scene, the film’s director John Crocidas took Daniel and Dane to different parts of the room and gave each of them their tasks. Radcliffe was asked by the director to try not to let Lucien go.

What was further, we remember. Daniel’s hero begged his comrade not to leave him, but when he abruptly let Allen know that nothing could be changed, he burst into tears and left. Radcliffe admitted that since this episode was not pre-recorded, he felt everything and shed a tear for real.


The reaction of astonishment and fright in the first victim of a shark was present. The fact is that the actress Susan Backline, who played this role, was not warned when the rope attached to her and fastened under water is pulled for the first time. This provoked a realistic reaction from a man whom the shark suddenly grabs by the leg and drags to the bottom.

Edward Scissorhands

During the casting for the Johnny Depp movie very hotel get rid of teen idol status. So he carefully prepared for the role. For example, Depp watched movies starring Charlie Chaplin, a silent film actor, to understand how to express emotions in silence.

The actor is generally strong worried about whether director Tim Burton likes his play. And one day in a country club where the film crew was, girls came to Johnny Depp’s room looking for Tom Hanks. After that, the actor did not leave the thought that they want to replace him with Hanks.

The fears turned out to be unfounded. But in the end, the sense of insecurity needed for Edward’s image intensified, and for Burton, Depp’s play proved convincing. The director, by the way, often laughedthat some of the scars on Johnny Depp’s face were real because he had long been accustomed to scissors on his hands.

Twilight. Saga: Dawn – Part 1

Robert Pattinson, who played Edward, admitted that in the romantic honeymoon episodes of their characters Kristen strongly was fascinated. Probably due to the fact that the actress was actually in love with Pattinson: they met throughout the filming of the saga.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

One of the most emotional episodes of the entire franchise was in the seventh film. It’s a dance between Harry and Hermione, forced to keep looking for the Crusaders after Ron left them. According to the writers, the scene should emphasize the deep connection between friends, which intensifies in the dark.

In the special episode “Harry Potter 20 Years Later: Return to Hogwarts”, Emma Watson, who played Hermione, said she was afraid to play this scene. The actress was sure that she and Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter, would be uncomfortable dancing together.

However, in the end, how well Emma and Daniel knew each other – at that time they were connected 9 years working together – helped the actors. Watson admitted that she could hardly have played such a scene with any other actor and that she expressed many unspoken feelings.

In pursuit of happiness

Starring Will Smith during the filming communicated with Chris Gardner, who he played in the film. The actor wanted to convey his story on the screen as honestly as possible. And she touched him so much that in one of the final episodes, when Smith’s character was offered a long-awaited place in the company, he really cried.

The story has affected Will Smith so much also because the actor’s screen son, who shared poverty and hunger with his character, was his real son Jaden, who was only 8 years old at the time.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Among other facts from the biography of Freddie Mercury in the film shown one of the key moments in the musician’s life is his relationship with Mary Austin. The roles of Mercury and Austin were played by Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton.

The actors were really in love with each other and started to meet still during shootings. Perhaps that is why Malek and Austin managed to show the passion in the love affairs of the heroes and the genuine tenderness that remained after their separation, when they became just friends.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

The scene of Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth kissing, in which a girl deceitfully chained a pirate to the ship’s mast to sacrifice it to the Kraken, has become legendary. Keira Knightley, who played Swann, later admitted that she was very liked it kissing Johnny Depp, the role of Sparrow.

The actress said: “I think a 14-year-old would scream with pleasure. It was delicious! What else can a girl want? ” And when asked which of the actors in all the films where Knightley played, she liked to kiss the most, the actress singled out Johnny Depp, putting him even higher than Orlando Bloom, with whom she also starred in the franchise.


Joaquin Phoenix, the lead actor, is known for his dislike of rehearsals and screenplay readings. He is also in the movie “Joker” tried play completely spontaneously, taking advantage of your anxiety and excitement.

Getting used to the role, Phoenix tried throw out of his head all the Joker movies he knows to create a unique image. Although this could be a real challenge. After all, Heath Ledger, who brilliantly played the Joker in “The Dark Knight”, was his best friend.

The actor is careful researched different types of personality disorders, so that even psychiatrists could not determine what his character was. So is he trained laugh to better understand and express the essence of the Joker. Phoenix discovered all new aspects of the hero’s personality until the very last day of filming.

Did you believe the actors when you watched these movies? What other tapes that amaze with plausible reincarnations, do you remember?

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