12 actresses that no one took seriously. But they did not care about criticism and showed what they are capable of

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There is a term in the film industry typecasting. This is what they say when an actor is stuck in the same role and he is constantly offered to play the same characters. For example, it is difficult for comedians to break out of this genre and get a role in a dramatic film.

We are in studied the filmography of actresses who became famous for their comedic images of frivolous girls, but managed to overcome the prejudice of directors and prove themselves in serious roles.

1. Reese Witherspoon

Early in his career, Reese Witherspoon often played frivolous blondes. In this way, she appeared, for example, in the film “Blonde in Law” and the series “Friends” (where she played Rachel Green’s sister).

Witherspoon realized that it was time to change roles when she refused to play in a picture, the script for which called almost the worst in his life. After that, she began producing films herself. This allowed her to choose serious roles for herself. For example, in the tape “Wild”, which brought her nomination at the Oscars.

2. Amy Adams

Amy started hers career with small roles in TV series, and in movies she often played good and naive girls. Such were her heroines in the films “Enchanted” and “How to get married in 3 days”. Adams herself is not sees There is nothing wrong with this role: “Innocent people are often very difficult.”

But over time, she moved on to more serious roles that earned critical acclaim. For example, for her roles in the films “Doubt” and “Power” her nominated at the Oscars.

3. Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten is best known for the films in which played at the beginning of his career: “Jumanji”, “Succeed” and the trilogy “Spider-Man”. In 2019, she complained to the fact that she is not appreciated enough in the film industry: “Maybe they think I’m just that girl from” Succeed “.”

But in her filmography there are serious roles. For example, in “Hidden Figures” she played the role of strict head of the research center. And for her work in the western “Power of the Dog” actress this year nominated at the Oscars.

4. Julia Roberts

Roles Julia Roberts in romantic movies is known even by those who have not watched them. The first to come to mind, of course, are “Beauty” and “Escaped Bride”. But the actress has repeatedly amazed viewers with serious roles.

For example, she played human rights activist Erin Brockovich in the film of the same name. In “The Mystery in Their Eyes” she played the role of an agent who investigates the death of her own daughter.

5. Anne Hathaway

Anne became famous thanks to roles royal personalities in the series “How to Become a Princess” and the film “Enchanted Ella”. It turned out to be not so easy to change the role: she didn’t manage to get a job in the film “The Devil Wears Prada” right away, because the producers seen in this role another actress.

But now she alternates between comedic and dramatic roles. For her role in the movie “Forsaken” received Oscar. She was nominated for the same award for the film “Rachel Gets Married”.

6. Jennifer Lopez

Early in his career, Jennifer Lopez had to not easy: she was offered to play only maids. For many years she remained a girl whose name was only in comedy: “Wedding commotion”, “Maid”, “If the mother-in-law is a monster”, etc.

But Jay Lo still managed to become a strong dramatic actress. For example, the role of a corrupt detective in the series “Shades of Blue” brought her nominations for several awards.

7. Jessica Bill

Jessica began career, starring in comedies about teenagers (“Summer Games”, “I’ll be home for Christmas”). Later, she began to alternate films of different genres: romantic comedies (“Easy Behavior”), action movies (“Blade-3: Trinity”), horror (“Verzila”).

In all its glory, her talent was revealed in the series “Sinner”: in it she played a woman who committed a crime, the motives of which are unknown even to her. Thanks to her role nominated for several prestigious awards.

8. Rachel McAdams

Rachel known many for their roles in the films “Bad Girls” and “Diary of Memory”. She has starred in several other comedies and melodramas, but is not afraid to try herself in other genres.

Role in the journalistic drama “In the spotlight” brought her Oscar nomination. Critics also praised her work in the series “The Real Detective”.

9. Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried played a naive girl in “Bad Girls” with Rachel McAdams. After that, she starred in various films and series – from comedy to horror. But in 2010 she played a woman with a difficult fate in the drama “Dear John”.

Amanda has recently gained worldwide acclaim thanks to David Fincher’s film “Monk”. For this role of hers nominated at the Oscars.

10. Emma Roberts

Julia Roberts’ niece became famous thanks to teenagers movies and TV series: “Netaya”, “Detachment”, “Nancy Drew”. She played some chorus girls, some bitches. This was the limit of her role.

But Roberts also starred in dramatic films about people in difficult life situations, including films about the mentally ill: “This is a very funny story”, “Adult World” and “My name is Michael”.

11. Rene Zellweger

Renee Zellweger is known mainly for her romance movies: “Diary of Bridget Jones”, “The Bachelor”, “Damn Love” and others.

But gradually she revealed herself as a dramatic actress. By Oscar-winning her role in Cold Mountain was followed by Miss Potter (produced by Zellweger herself). She won another Oscar for her role in Judy.

12. Zendeya

Zendei from a young age played in the teen series “Dance Fever”. After several roles in the movie (“Spider-Man: Homecoming”, “The Greatest Showman”, etc.), she returned to the teen series, but now a completely different sense.

The series “Euphoria”, in which Zendeya plays now, is characterized by gloom and controversial issues raised in it. For her role as an actress received a number of awards, including an Emmy.

And which actresses surprised you with an unexpected change of role?

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