11 movie villains, who with their coolness plugged the belt of white and fluffy untouchables

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Every film has a protagonist around whom the story is built and whom viewers must empathize with. In most paintings in parallel show the antihero, every now and then plotting positive characters. However, sometimes the actors manage to make the villain so multifaceted and fascinating that the audience involuntarily goes to the dark side and, without noticing it, already empathizes with the antagonist.

Hollywood star Michael Douglas saysThat playing negative characters is always more fun. Perhaps that’s why some of them are so attractive that they easily overshadow their positive partners. We are in remembered films that vividly demonstrate this.

Baroness von Hellmann – “Cruella”

Baroness played by Emma Thompson is on a par with Cruella in the number of fans, and sometimes gives her a head start. It deserves a separate film. Such opinions film magazines and viewers.

The villain movie resembles the main character from old film adaptations: cruel, arrogant, and incredibly stylish. And that’s why the public is interested in watching it. Cruella, by in words audience, surprisingly good, but von Hellman is not inferior to her for a second, and in some scenes will be steeper.

Miranda Priestley – “The Devil Wears Prada”

Miranda Priestley enters numeric the brightest movie villains of all time. Character shows to the viewer the reverse side of success. The editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine devotes herself to her work, she is a real professional in her field. At the same time, her marriage and relationships with loved ones are failing.

Against the background of this story, a novice journalist is shown who has a choice: to become the same ace as Priestley, or to be happy. Anne Hathaway like noted viewers, in this film she played a passing role – an optimistic character, as she portrayed before. And here is Meryl Streep became the main decoration of the film.

Irene Adler – Sherlock

Irene Adler, who is in the series Sherlock played by Lara Pulver, was so irresistible that fell in love in himself and the most brilliant detective, and millions of viewers around the world. Maybe that’s why, unlike the book version, where the heroine was destined to appear only oncein the film adaptation it is allocated considerably more time. In the series Irene Adler outwitted the royal family, the secret services and even put in the place of Sherlock himself. At the same time, she remained feminine and vulnerable.

El Driver – “Kill Bill”

El Driver, nicknamed the California Mountain Snake, by opinion magazines, is one of the world’s leading female villains. Daryl Hannah’s play sometimes makes her goosebumps, not for nothing is the actress for this work received MTV Movie Awards. By the way, in an interview with Quentin Tarantino, discussing possible prospects for filming the third part of the “Kill Bill” saga, he said he would consider Hannah’s return to the role of Driver. So, there is a chance that we will see the continuation of the story of this antiheroine.

Queen of Worms – “Alice in Wonderland”

The role of the Queen of Worms is listed in list Helena Bonham Carter’s best films. In the movie “Alice in Wonderland” she managed to eclipse even the lead actress Mia Wasikovska. How they write in the audience reviews, the young actress turned out to be a completely tasteless character, while Carter created a shrill image and charmed everyone.

Evanora – “Oz: The Great and Terrible”

Regularly in lists of the best movie villains according to versions of different editions and Evanora – the evil witch from the fairy tale of 2013 “Oz: The Great and Terrible”. Rachel Weiss had to play this role to fight: The studio did not see her in this image. But the actress convinced the filmmakers.

As a result, Weiss managed to create the brightest, by opinion spectators, the character of the film. Her witch turned out to be cheeky and seductive. Against her background, the good fairy performed by Michelle Williams seems to be positively sweet.

Madison Lee – “Charlie’s Angels: Go Forward”

No wonder Madison Lee is from the movie “Charlie’s Angels: Go Ahead” often include in ratings the brightest negative movie heroines, because she has everything to captivate the audience. First, this is a character with a story: once a woman was one of the spies. Secondly, this lady is smarter than many of her colleagues, at some point she even won the Nobel Prize in astrophysics. And thirdly, of course, she is extraordinarily beautiful. The former spy is played by Demi Moore.

Lady Tremaine – “Cinderella”

Studying filmography Cate Blanchett, you know: she can play, perhaps, anyone. Be it the role of Hollywood divasgood elves or an evil stepmother, the actress looks on the screen incomparable. One of her most memorable works is Lady Tremaine in the film adaptation Cinderella.

Despite the fact that this role was not the main one in the film, it was the heroine Blanchett who tucked Cinderella behind her belt and was in the spotlight. Spectators wrotethat she played so coolly that at a glance she conveyed all her stepmother’s hatred of her stepdaughter.

Victoria – “Twilight”

At the center of the narrative of the Twilight saga is Bella. Judging by her in words author of the book Stephanie Mayer, this is a rather ridiculous character: a girl, clumsy against the background of graceful vampires, very insecure, who often rushes, not daring to take any step.

In contrast, the filmmakers show Victoria. This is a heroine with a strong history: she is not just at war with the Cullen family, but avenging the death of her beloved. The red-haired vampire is beautiful, purposeful and smart: she even created her own army.

Many fans of the saga predicted a long life in this universe. But the cold-blooded Victoria only gave free rein to her emotions, which is why she was defeated.

Poison Ivy – “Batman and Robin”

In the 1997 film Batman and Robin supervillain nicknamed Poison Ivy played by Uma Thurman, who is at the casting bypassed Demi Moore, Sharon Stone and Julia Roberts. The actress really wanted to embody this image on the screen, as she considered it fatal. Apparently, the works were not in vain, because the heroine of the Mind is true enters in the lists of the brightest negative characters of world cinema.

Catherine Mertey – “Brutal Games”

When creating an image of your character in “Brutal Games” Sarah Michelle Gellar focused on character Isabel de Mertey in the novel “Dangerous Connections”. Like the book’s heroine, the filmmaker turned out to be smart, domineering and cunning. And thanks to the actress, she is also beautiful.

And although the main role in the film was played by Reese Witherspoon, the heroine Sarah Gellar received no less or even more public attention. If the audience’s love for Annette was expected (the most positive character in the film), the interest in Catherine was a surprise. About the actress’ play wrotethat this is a real revelation.

And in which films have you met negative characters who attracted attention much more than positive characters?

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