11 idol guys ready to take the stage for “Street Man Fighter”

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Here are all their videos to listen to on the show.

After the success of the show Street Woman Fighterfocused on women, the TV show is back with a male version called Street Man Fighter, and it has several acquaintances ready to take part. Here are eleven male idols who are ready to take the stage to showcase their dancing skills to become participants.

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1. But Taehyun

Proving his skills as a former participant HOTSHOT and project team Produce 101 JBJ, But Taehyun returned to work.

He is ready to conquer the audience again with his dancing abilities.

2. Harry June from DKB

A group of boys from DKB Brave Entertainment is also ready to attract the attention of viewers, as several participants presented videos for listening. Harry June demonstrated his smooth but technical movements.

3. Junso from DKB

Junso took a different approach, emphasizing his powerful movements.

4. Hichan from DKB

Demonstrating your individual color, Hichan fell to the floor and began to dance break dance.

5. Movies from The Pentagon

Movies from The Pentagon showed everyone the talent of an experienced idol and made it clear what to look for.

With its smooth footwork and smooth movements Movies showed that it will be a long-awaited addition to the show.

6. Hoya

As a former participant INFINITEand now established himself as a solo artist, choreography Hoi proved why the fans stayed on his side.

Mixing a bit of acrobatics and bi-fight movements, dancing Hoi make fans hope he gets on the show.

7. Moon Chonop

Being a former member of a talented and charismatic group BAPMoon Chonop became a terrific solo artist. With his funny dance moves, he showed that he is ready to participate right now.

Moon Chonop was not the only former participant BAPwho wanted to join in the fun.


Flying through the air, performing bi-fight movements, solo performer Very and a former participant BAP showed that he has everything he needs.

With the same universal and sharp movements as his, Very perfect for shows.

9. BM from CARD

Demonstrating fun moves that will make the audience stand up and join him, BM from CARD gave an idea of ​​his skills.

10. Backgin

As a former participant MIXNINE and a former member of the duo JXR, Beckjin ready to amaze the audience again with his dance.

Having the experience of participating in a survival show and demonstrating amazing footwork, Beckjin fit perfectly.

11. Utah from ONF

Representing his group ONFthe youngest participant Utah proves why he is part of the performance team.

With amazing energy and unique choreography Utah ready to show what he is capable of.

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