11 cases where actors and actresses refused to blindly follow the script and only improved the plot

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When actors are just starting their careers, they usually unquestioningly follow the script and instructions of the director, absorbing knowledge and experience like a sponge. But it is only necessary to earn a name, as they begin to contribute to the development of the character, to defend some story lines and categorically abandon others. And in most cases, it only benefits the film.

We are in found out which actors questioned the work of screenwriters and promoted their ideas, changing the development of the plot, character or appearance of the hero.

The devil wears Prada

Meryl Streep insisted on adding scenes to the script that would reveal her character from other sides and focus not only on her professional achievements and difficult character. In particular, the final version included an episode where Andy goes to Miranda and finds her crying after talking to her husband about the divorce. “I wanted to show Miranda without her” armor “, without makeup, so that she could be seen in the first place as a woman,” Strip shared in interview Variety magazine.

The Witcher

In the second season, Geralt learns that his girlfriend, whom he considered dead, is still alive. Starring Henry Cavill in an interview, he and Ana Chalotra, who played Jennifer, persuaded the producers to reconsider the scene. reunion their characters, emphasizing emotions. The actors filmed the kiss, and that’s it.

Fast and Furious

Franchise star Michelle Rodriguez nearly left the project during the filming of the first film due to the plot lines, in which her heroine had to change her boyfriend with another man. The actress considered such a move completely implausible and inappropriate and refused to play this episode. According to Rodriguez, the decision was not without tears.

Then her star on the set Vin Diesel sided with the star. “He took me aside while I cried, looked me in the eye, and said, ‘I’ll cover for you. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything, “the actress shared. That’s what happened in the end.

Criminal reading

According to the original script, Jules had to have voluminous hair that would contrast with the slicked-back hair of his colleague Vincent (John Travolta). Only the assistant in charge of the props misunderstood what they wanted from him and bought wigwhich we eventually saw on the screen. The fact is that Samuel L. Jackson liked curls, and he insisted on changing the image of his hero, although Quentin Tarantino was initially against.


The eighth season of the hit series was originally supposed to be scenein which Jim kisses Katie’s new office administrator during a business trip. However, the actor John Krasinski believed that such a turn of the plot will repel the audience, because most of them were ardent fans of the couple Jim and Pam. Therefore, the actor flatly refused to participate in this venture. “It was the only time I went against the screenwriters and said, ‘I’m not going to be in this scene,'” Krasinski said.

Escape from Shawshank

According to director Frank Darabont, during the final scene of the film, Red had to play the lip accordion, given to him by his friend Andy. However, Morgan Freeman was not impressed by the idea. The actor considered this move inappropriate and stupid, a kind of cliché, so he refused to play it back.

Charlie’s Angels

Crispin Glover, who played Skinny Man, originally had lines, but the actor thought they were a bit fancy, so offered the creators of the film cross them out. The director liked the extraordinary proposal to silence the character, and as a result the hero did not utter a word during all his screen time, but nevertheless was remembered by the audience.

Four Christmas

The comedy with two audience favorites, Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, seemed like a great idea at first. However, despite the good feesabout the absence chemistry between the heroes did not speak only lazy. And the fact is that the actors have very different temperaments and they could not find a common language on the set.

According to rumors, Witherspoon even refused to act in a spicy scene with Vaughn. The creators of the film had no choice but to take into account the wishes of the star, and eventually this episode was canceled.

Snake flight

The ironic militant of 2006 could have done without Samuel L. Jackson, if not for his little whim. The actor admitted that he agreed to star in the film only because of her funny names – that’s it intrigued star. But then the studio decided to rename the film “Pacific Flight 121” so as not to reveal the details of the plot, and Jackson issued an ultimatum: either the creators leave the original title, or he leaves the project.

The Avengers

Initially, in the finale of the film Iron Man after a battle with chitauri and falling to Earth had to wake up and ask: “What’s next?” But Robert Downey Jr. thought the phrase sounded unconvincing, and offered slightly refine the script. According to Joss Whedon, instead of one line in the script, there were three sheets of different options.

As a result, Tony Stark said: “What was here? I hope no one tried to kiss me? ” And then invited other heroes to have a shawarma snack in a diner two blocks from the scene. And so the famous scene after the captions appeared, where the Avengers silently weave the same shawarma.

Very strange things

Deikr Montgomery asked the creators of the Duffer Brothers series to make their character more human and to add in a script scene that would reveal Billy on the other hand. The actor wanted the audience to understand: no one gets bad for no reason. The directors listened to Montgomery and recorded an episode with a quarrel between Billy and his father, as well as the hero’s memories of his relationship with his mother.

And do you think that actors have every right to influence the script and image of their character, or should only the creators of films and series work on it?

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