10 screen couples that quite infuriated the audience, because they wanted their favorite character to be with someone else

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Few movies do without a love line. Some movie couples are so cool that they become canonical. However, it also happens that the audience wanted to see a couple on the screen, and the filmmakers did everything in their own way. Or they adapted a romantic line from the book, but there was no “chemistry” between the characters in love.

We are in found out in which films and series the audience wanted to see completely different romantic lines.

Daenerys and John vs Daenerys and Drogo, Game of Thrones series

Fans of the series did not see the “chemistry” between Daenerys and John. But they considered that, in fact, this union was profitable as a marriage of convenience. Alas, there was nothing like real love.

According to viewers, the best couple for Daenerys is Khal Drogo. The beginning of their relationship was not the most correct and beautiful, but over time they fell in love with each other. Daenerys from a naive girl turned into a strong woman during her marriage to Drogo – the relationship with him made her confident in itself.

Dan and Sirena vs Dan and Blair, Gossip Girl

Dan and Siren’s couple are questioning many. The relationship between these characters seems taut. Dan had been in love with Siren from the beginning, but he was disappointed to know her better. The girl felt guilty.

The couple Dan and Blair have a completely different impression. They are passed the path from hatred to love, were on the same intellectual level and had common interests. Dan and Blair revealed each other’s best sides, understood and supported each other.

Hermione and Ron vs Hermione and Harry, Harry Potter movies

Many fans of Harry Potter books and movies still wonder why the protagonist and his faithful girlfriend did not become a couple. Rowling created a love line between Hermione and Ron reasonsas she herself said, “unrelated to literature.”

According to viewers, Harry and Hermione – equal characters, while Ron is a little weaker. It is strange why such a clever heroine chooses a weaker hero as her companion. In addition, Harry and Hermione always took care of each other, there was almost no disagreement between them, what can you say about the tandem of Ron + Hermione.

House and Cuddy vs. House and Cameron, Doctor House

The story of Cameron and House is shown one-sidedly, mostly we see Alison’s mutual love for her mentor. There were a few romantic scenes between the characters, but the story quickly came to naught. While the love line of House and Cuddy is dedicated to several seasons.

However, those few scenes between Cameron and House, according to viewers, were more brightthan all the scenes with Lisa Cuddy. Besides, Alison was the opposite of the rude House: she was sensitive, kind, and caring. The two could make up for each other’s shortcomings and create the best medical tandem.

Bella and Edward vs Bella and Jacob, the Twilight saga

The filmmakers did not show us the novel of the heroine with the werewolf – throughout all the films Bella kept Jacob in a friend zone. But fans of this union are convinced that Jacob would be the best guy for Bella. Unlike Edward, he does not control Bella, but always encourages her and teaches her new things. She wouldn’t have to change for Jacob.

In addition, a relationship with a werewolf would make personal personal possible growth heroines: a guy about the same age as her, he is closer to her normal, “human” life. And most importantly – he allows Belle to be independent.

Phoebe and Cupid vs Phoebe and Cole, Enchanted

By the end of the series, Phoebe was lonely and obsessed with having children. All her previous novels ended in tragedy. Therefore, the writers literally at the last second “conjured” for her Kupa, who was actually a mythical creature Cupid.

The audience counted Phoebe and Kupa’s love line stretched – as if the girl was given a “consolation prize” at the end of the series. But the fans never forgot legendary a couple of Phoebe and the demon Balthazar.

Cole, despite being pure evil, eventually tried to be good to be with Phoebe. Unfortunately, this did not happen, as the actor who played Cole-Balthazar was forced leave the show.

Robin and Ted vs Robin and Barney, TV series “How I Met Your Mom”

The finale of the series left many viewers perplexed. Tracy, who turned out to be the same mother by name, died, and Ted reunited with Robin. But many spectators considerthat Robin and Ted were united only by their mutual friends. In addition, they looked at many things differently, they did not have a real unity.

The couple Robin and Barney looked much more organic, but, alas, in the finale, the writers broke up their marriage. Still, Barney was Robin’s best boy because he loved her sincerely. Also, these heroes have grown during the show, they worked on their shortcomings and failed together.

Kate and Jack vs Kate and Sawyer, TV series “Stay Alive”

Kate, Jack and Sawyer are the main love triangle of the series “Stay Alive”. Throughout the story, the writers build a complex and tragic love story of Kate and Jack, sometimes diluting it with emotional scenes between the main character and Sawyer.

However, the audience is more I liked it the second pair is Sawyer and Kate. These characters had more common, even their fates are similar. And the relationship with Kate changed Sawyer for the better: the former scammer for the first time began to care about someone.

Elizabeth and Will vs Elizabeth and Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

The main explanation for the relationship between Elizabeth and Will is their childhood love. They grew up together and were once in love with each other, that’s all. There is no trust in this couple, and it seems that the characters perceived their relationship differently.

Unlike Will, Jack understands Elizabeth well fits to her on many parameters. The girl was fond of pirates and adventures, she wanted to be free and not report to anyone. It was this freedom that Jack could give her. And next to such a cheeky heroine would look more organic temperamental Jack, rather than phlegmatic Will.

Rachel and Ross vs Rachel and Joey, Friends

Let’s remember how Rachel and Ross developed. In high school, Ross fell in love with Rachel, and many years later she suddenly reciprocated. We were not told how or why feelings broke out between them, but showed how toxic their relationship was. The two constantly quarreled, did not accept and did not respect each other.

Some viewers believe that Joey was a better guy for Rachel. Their relationship developed from a long-term friendship, and Joey fell in love with a real girl, not a school fantasy about her. Besides, he is accepted her as she is. Rachel and Joey had a lot common interests, and they spent time together easily and effortlessly, their relationship can be called healthy.

Which film couples do you consider the benchmark, and which, in your opinion, could not show love at all?

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