10+ links to works of art in the Red Velvet video “Feel My Rhythm”

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Red Velvet known for their experimental concepts and “duality”. Their latest concept shows the brightness of spring, but with a dark tinge.

Their music video for “Feel My Rhythm” is literally a work of art. Here are 10+ references to paintings of different eras.

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1. “Swing”

Irene turned into a girl from Jean-Honore Fragonard’s painting “Swing” (1767-68). The recreated image reflects the natural scene of the original painting and elegance Irene thanks to her dress and facial expression.

2. Ophelia

Joy portrayed Ophelia from the painting of the same name (1851-52) by John Everett Millet. The original painting depicts Ophelia from William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”, which is drowning in the river. Joy perfectly showed the pose from the picture.

3. “Nymphs find Orpheus’ head”

John William Waterhouse’s painting “Nymphs Find Orpheus’ Head” (1900) depicts the head of the deceased Orpheus from an ancient Greek legend. In this less gloomy re-creation of the picture, the role of Orpheus belongs Joyand the role of nymphs – Jerry and Wendy.

4. “Through the wall”

Pose Silgi could be inspired by several paintings. One of the options is “Curious Little Girl” (1860-64) by artist Camille Coro.

Another version is Filippo Palizzi’s painting “Through the Wall” (1865). The similarity is not only in the fact that the girl with the picture and Silgi peek out from behind the wall, but also in the bushes on the left.

Another option – “The Lady Looking Behind the Walls” (“Spy”) by Paul Dominique Filippoto. This picture differs from the previous ones by the presence of stairs and hats, which also have Silgi.

5. “Tear off the roses as soon as possible”

The “Tear Down the Roses of Hurry” (1909), also painted by John William Waterhouse, depicts women gathering flowers in a meadow. Jerry and Silgi copy women, also reaching for flowers.

6. “Walk. Lady with umbrella »

Painting by Claude Monet “Walk. The Lady with the Umbrella ”(Camilla Monet and her son Jean) (1875) evokes vivid and vivid feelings of a relaxed family walk. The bright colors used in “Feel My Rhythm” perfectly reflect this.

7. “Birth of Venus”

Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus (1485) depicts Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, standing on the shore after being born in the sea. Jerry plays the role of a goddess, and the other girls dance around her. Other similarities include abandoned flowers and a sea-like floor.

8. “Garden of earthly pleasures”

Jerome Bosch’s triptych “Garden of Earthly Delights” (1490-1500) shows the Garden of Eden (left), the Garden of Delights (center) and Hell (right). This work of art is very symbolic, and for centuries people have been arguing about the artist’s idea. Several references have been made to this triptych.

This design

The first reference is the design from the left panel. The similarity of the design from the clip with the one depicted by Bosch is striking.


The design in which it stands Joyopens like flower petals from the central part of Bosch’s work.


Jerry sits in a broken pink sphere, similar to the one depicted in the central part of the picture. The sphere is in the water, surrounded by nature, which is reflected in both scenes.

Blue construction

Wendy stands next to a structure similar to the one depicted in the garden.


There are different types of birds both in the picture and in the video. Red Velvet – people among birds.


In the picture a lot of strawberries. Irene holds a bowl of strawberries as well Wendy reaches for one of the berries.


Silgi does the same as the bird in the picture.


Silgi also sits on a chair (throne), again acting as a bird that represents the devil or simply evil.


Participants Red Velvet sitting at a table resembling an open structure on the right panel.

The last frame

At the end of the clip you can see a design similar to the one depicted by Bosch on the left. Silgi here replaces the owl.

Did you notice any other references?

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