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In April, many interesting books for different tastes were published. Traditionally, we tell you about 10 remarkable novelties of science fiction and fantasy, so that every reader of mine can find a work to their liking.

Brent Weeks’ Black Prism

The first novel of the series “Light Bearer” is published for the first time in Russian. This is a large-scale and dynamic fantasy with an original world order, full of magic of flowers, rich history and intrigue. Gavin Gail – Prism. So – the most powerful magician of his generation, the viceroy of God and the emperor of the Seven Satrapies. Only his power is a beautiful showcase, and he has to spend the years of his reign to correct the consequences of the bloody war against his own brother: the War of the False Prism.

All flower extraction magicians know that their lifespan is very organic and becomes less the more power they use. Gavin himself is not many years old either… But who, if Gavin doesn’t, will take care of his ex-fiancée, a suddenly found bastard, old allies and lands that have suffered unjust punishment for many years? And who opposes the madmen who have decided to challenge the established order and claim that “the light cannot be restrained”? A new war is brewing, which will shed light on all the secrets that Gail tried to hide.

The Jade Legacy of the Lee Foundation

Completion of the original trilogy of crime fantasy from the Lee Foundation. The action of the novel covers many years, summing up not only the family saga of the Coles, the ruling family of one of the clans of the Green Bones, but also the history of the island state of Kekon, home of magical jade. For centuries, Green Bones, trained warriors, protected Kekon. But step by step, they became a kind of criminals, backstage players who control people’s lives. Who they will become in the new time – they have to decide now.

From the first novel, the scenery of The Green Bone Saga corresponded to the realities of the mid-20th century. And now in the plot of “Jade Heritage” it is especially clear how some things are forced to go into the past as the world becomes more developed, civilized, united… Will there be among them the principles that the Cole family tried to defend?

“Cloud Roads” by Martha Wells

Martha Wells became famous for a series written in the spirit of the golden age of science fiction, about a grumbling android, introvert and fan of TV series. Now another series of Wells has started to be released in Russian? “Books of Raxur”, which includes five novels and several collections of short stories. These works should be attributed more to the fantasy genre, but in many ways they go beyond the usual genre. The world created by the writer lives by non-trivial laws. This is especially true of the part of its population that can turn into winged creatures, werewolves… Such as Lun, the protagonist. An orphan, he barely remembers his parents, and was forced to hide his essence for a long time, hiding among the inhabitants of the earth. To some, local werewolves may resemble dragons, but they live by bizarre laws, which turns their society into a kind of hive. This is really a very original and atmospheric universe, which also comes “complete” with a dynamic plot.

“The Pursuit of Punk” by Robert Heinlein

“Lost” and found novel by Robert Heinlein, a real gift for fans of the classic. The plot of the story echoes another of Heinlein’s novels, The Number of the Beast, in fact, having one connection with him. But at the moment of the heroes’ transition to parallel worlds, their destiny changes very noticeably from novel to novel. According to Western critics, the pursuit of punk is closer to Heinlein’s early work, and the implementation of some ideas here will be bolder and more mischievous. The author also flirts with the works of other great masters of the science fiction genre, combining the popular idea of ​​embodying creativity with scientific theories. Fans of science fiction will have a dizzying adventure in the spirit of the “old school”.

“The heyday of the Republic. The Beginning of the Storm ”by Cavan Scott

“The heyday of the Republic” is a new era in the canon of “Star Wars”, which began with books and comics, but in the future will develop into series and games. The events take place hundreds of years before the plot of the saga begins. Each book has a finished plot, they can be read without reference to other works. In The Beginning of the Storm, we see that the radiance of the Star Color Lighthouse and the power of the Jedi Order are attracting more and more planets and civilizations to the Republic. With the wise leadership of Chancellor Lina So, all citizens can feel hope for future prosperity. The galaxy exhibition was to become a symbol of these hopes, but not only the friends of the Republic heard about it. A hidden force is striving to come to light, which even the Jedi may not be able to resist…

“Soul Catchers” Jacek Pekara

Soul Catchers is a long-awaited opportunity for readers to touch on one of the most carefully guarded secrets of the dark world created by Pekara. Inquisitor Mordimer Mudderdin is still cynical and effective in his methods, but this time he will have to not only fight vile heretics, but also face his fellow believers in a relentless confrontation. Like the other volumes of the I, Inquisitor series, the book consists of individual stories, each dedicated to one of Mudderdin’s deeds (whether it is his sacred duty to the Church or a third-party order). The hero is waiting for new unexpected companions and a meeting with the vampire baron, who witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus himself. Jacek Pekara’s books are a find for fans of grimdark fantasy, which is truly exciting and cruel.

“Dead Head” by Amelia Graham

Continuation of the novel “Morpho” about the journey of a lonely soul in the world of the dead, Amelia Graham’s new book is even more bizarre and multifaceted. Young Flynn returns to the world of the living with a new mission: he must hunt down those who carry the Darkness within them. His new adventure mixed life and death itself, reality and what is on the other side… In “Dead Head” there are many bright images, at the same time familiar, but receiving an interesting interpretation. The writer’s imagination is really impressive. And also the book boasts a beautiful syllable and a twisted plot. Readers will find a new heroine, a huge city and a task that looks impossible. On the other hand, Flynn is already dead, what else could happen? This is what we have to find out.

“Kingdom of the Bridge” Daniel Jensen

A romantic story that at the same time keeps you in suspense due to political and ethical conflicts. Princess Lara, one of many sisters, was raised by her father as a spy and an instrument of revenge. Becoming the wife of the king of a neighboring state, Lara must find out his secrets and destroy. Some of the chapters, however, are written on behalf of Lara’s new husband, so we see both the weight of the burden of power and the fact that any coin has two sides… And Lara also begins to notice this. Now in her hands is the fate of two kingdoms. Will she be able to break free in time, letting go of her father’s expectations and grievances, and happily rule with her beloved husband? And if so, will she be able to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that she has betrayed her own people?

“Sholokh. Ghost Groves ”by Antonina Crane

The new novel in the series “Sholokh” brings readers back to their favorite characters, who, of course, already have new problems. However, the Hunters always have problems, such is the work. Mysterious disappearances, cults and encrypted letters – Tinavi and Wormwood must find a grain of truth in the tangled tangle of audacious crimes. But sometimes the right answers lie deeper than it would seem, in places where you can’t go without a fair amount of courage and honesty. And what to do if your partner is hiding something?

A magical and atmospheric detective who absorbed the sunny charm of his creator. If you miss the comfort and at the same time want adventure – “Sholokh” is waiting for you! By the way, you can start reading the cycle with any book.

“Scale” Marina and Sergei Dyachenko

“Scale” is a novel of three stories, the main characters of which are fellow police officers investigating a political assassination. That’s just a complication – they are very different from each other in size. Literally: Elsa Bauer is from the people of the giants, and Detective Leo is literally a boy-to-finger for her. The title novel in the stories is complemented by two separate detective stories, which received additional editions. The collection is perfect for fans of exciting investigations, who have read all the books by Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. In addition, as usual in the works of Marina and Sergei, a bunch of fantastic assumptions help the story to become deeper and more personal, to include in addition to the immediate plot a line of reasoning about something fragile and important.

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