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The heroines of movies and TV series are beautiful, smart and able to stand up for themselves. They cope with adversity and emerge victorious from difficult situations. We are interested in watching their adventures and, of course, we want to be like them. Only here to take an example from heroines it is not necessary in everything.

We are in decided to take a closer look at the actions of the cult heroines of movies and TV series and found out why you should not copy them thoughtlessly.

1. Scarlett O’Hara: I see the goal, I see no obstacles

Scarlett is a model of a woman who is used to doing her thing, not thinking much about why she needs it. Decided – and that’s it. Here she instilled in her head a love for her inconspicuous pompous Ashley and rushed to her goal. Thinking about where you are actually going, sometime later, tomorrow is a great strategy for making individual decisions in the face of time, but a loser in life. It is no coincidence that at the end of the novel, Scarlett loses what she, as it turned out, really needs.

2. Joe March: Be natural – why control your emotions?

Joe is the most talented, independent and fearless of the four “little women” – just the kind you want to look like modern girls. She is not going to be financially dependent on men and does not believe that a woman’s task is the same: to be a support for her husband, sacrificing her desires and interests.

But too often Joe is driven by his own emotions, taking them to extremes and allowing himself to be controlled. Angry at Amy for the burned manuscript, she not only boycotts her, but also does not warn her upset and apologetic sister that it is dangerous in the middle of the river, and this almost leads to tragedy. In life, people who do not consider it necessary to keep themselves in check, even in creative professions, pay a reputation and in many cases a career.

3. Rosa Dewitt Bucketter: To be afraid of a mesalliance is not to get married

When your chosen one is a novice artist from the grassroots, and even performed by the handsome DiCaprio, it is easy to turn a blind eye to social boundaries. Rose is young, and it seems to her that she is a sweetheart in a shack, and all these conventions have come up with cowards who are not ready to give up material values ​​for the sake of love.

We will not discuss what could have happened between the lovers if the ship had arrived safely in port. Let’s just say that mesalliance is not only material inequality, but also a difference in education and upbringing. And if at first we may not notice it, then over the years it becomes more difficult to say to yourself: “If only a man was good” – and close your eyes to the fact that the chosen one does not fit into the society in which you grew up.

4. Mary Poppins: dazzle everyone with perfection

Isn’t she flawless? Many of us dreamed of becoming such a lady “from shoes to hats”, elegant and sophisticated, always knowing how to do the right thing. But in fact, behind this facade hides a woman who can only revel in her smug perfection. She manipulates people, and her emotional attachments are the same as the icicles outside the window.

Being equal to Mary, you will gain the fame of an arrogant and tough man. In real life, such ladies usually have a complete set: a shoemaker’s husband, childish children and no close friend. Being next to her is a problem, because you will be constantly poked in the nose, causing feelings of inferiority.

5. Carrie Bradshaw: Irresponsibility steers

Live easily: write articles, write novels, buy shoes, chat with friends – and you will succeed. But really, if you look closely, it doesn’t work even for Carrie herself. Viewers of “Sex in the Big City” often ask how the heroine could afford a designer wardrobe and an apartment on the Upper East Side with the income of a freelancer who writes one column a week. Answer: no. In one of episodes series, when the affair with Aidan fails, Carrie finds herself in a situation where she has 30 days to raise $ 40 thousand for housing. Where does she get her money from? Charlotte gives them to her.

Carrie has a mess in her finances, in her personal life, in her relationships with her friends, whom she devalues ​​every now and then. And this can only end well in the movies. In real life, in her 45s, the heroine would have stayed on the beans after a long affair with her husband, without friends and career, but with a full wardrobe of out-of-fashion clothes.

6. Vivien Ward: A millionaire will find you everywhere

We don’t care about social conventions, because a handsome millionaire will definitely find you in any slums, appreciate what you are like, understand everything and take you to a wonderful future. The main thing, especially not to do anything – you just need to remain yourself. After all, the hero of this novel is so tired of well-mannered and sophisticated ladies that he needs such an original companion.

Let’s start with the obvious: there are few millionaires and there will not be enough of them for all girls with a difficult fate. And not all tycoons are inclined to democratic walks in different nooks and crannies, they usually have other routes. Chances are zero, and you shouldn’t freeze your ass for them, flaunting an extreme mini.

7. Roxolana: intrigue – and you will win

Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska Sultan – another example of an inflexible woman who managed to squeeze lemonade from a lemon. Purposeful and ambitious, she starts from the most undefeated position and rises to the top, ruthlessly intriguing. Her ability to calculate the situation for many steps forward and unwillingness to pass command respect.

But in real life, there are few goals that deserve such puzzling multi-walks. As long as you plot, someone around you will live happily and carefree, enjoying, perhaps, not as stunning a success as you planned, but real, here and now.

8. Holly Golightly: No one belongs to anyone

The irresistible Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, is a true embodiment of glamor and nonconformism. Her outfits are copied years later, and the way of life seems attractive to thousands of young girls: look flawless, turn your head to men, be free from conventions and do not let anyone in your heart.

But in reality, the heroine is a traumatized girl who doesn’t know very well what she really needs: “When I find out what I want, I’ll let you know.” She is afraid to depend on anyone not materially, but mentally, it seems to her that in a relationship she will lose herself. Holly avoids attachments even in small things, so even a cat doesn’t have a name. In life, this path will not lead to marriage with a promising writer, but will end in the same loneliness among many cats. And they will most likely have numbers instead of names.

9. Bella Swan: Nothing is more important than first love

If we discard the whole mystical component of the famous saga, we will be faced with a simple question: is the girl who made the meaning of life the first love right? Is Bella’s assertiveness and confidence in her desire to get Edward something to take up?

There will be many more such Edwards in our lives, and there will definitely be someone for whom it is not necessary to renounce everything, reshape the usual life and leave loved ones. And if you go for the first feeling, in the end you can be completely dependent on the subject of their youthful sighs, without their own future and the support of family and friends.

10. Elizabeth Bennett: the principles are given so as not to deviate from them

Why do we love Elizabeth Bennet? For the fact that she has her own opinion, determination to voice it and unwillingness to compromise for the sake of others. Now we say about such girls that they know how to defend personal boundaries.

But in real life we ​​would like to be able to find the middle ground between the struggle for our own “I” and the establishment of harmonious relationships. The ability to resolve conflicts peacefully by listening to the wishes of others is not the same as suppressing one’s own personality. Mr. Darcy from the next office clearly will not appreciate such a clever woman, but will prefer to build a life with someone less principled.

And what do you think, with which of the popular and everyone’s favorite heroines in any case should not take an example?

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