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Familiar to us the names of famous literary characters are heard by everyone and sometimes even become commonplace. But it turns out that the writers did not immediately stop at the familiar options and think about what to call their heroes.

We are in wondered what names their favorite characters might have had if the authors hadn’t been forced to or simply didn’t want to change them. And as a bonus we will tell about the secret of the name of the main heroine of the novel “The Maid’s Tale”, which was solved by readers.

Anna Karenina – Anna Karenina

In the original manuscripts of the novel Leo Tolstoy called his heroine Tatiana Sergeevna Stavrovich, and her image was a little different. In addition, in the first version of the work, the writer built a different plot. The heroine divorces, lives with her lover, and her husband begs her to return. After an argument with a loved one, she leaves, leaving a note, and later her body is found in the Neva.

Alexey Karenin – “Anna Karenina”

Anna’s husband was also called otherwise – Mikhail Mikhailovich Stavrovich. When the writer gave him the surname Karenin, he may have meant that it comes from the Greek word “kareon” – “head”. That is, I wanted to emphasize that the mind of the hero prevails over the feelings.

Alexey Vronsky – “Anna Karenina”

Beloved Anna – the brilliant Vronsky – Tolstoy at first called Ivan Petrovich Balashev. Later, he changed his last name more than once: the hero was Udashev, then Gagin.

Scarlett O’Hara – Gone with the Wind

Who would have thought that the bright Scarlett, to whom her name fits so well, Margaret Mitchell called Pansy. The name under which we know this restless heroine appeared before the novel was published. And the work itself could to be called “Tomorrow will be a new day.”

Holly Golightly – “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

The wayward coquette that Audrey Hepburn played so talentedly in the book first his name was Connie Gustafson. Then Truman Capote decided to name her Holly Golightly. Literary researchers have argued that the name and surname of the “speaker”: “Golightly” reflects the ease with which it relates to the world, its lack of attachment to the place and, perhaps, hints at incomprehensibility in relationships. While Holly will stab you if you get too close. ” The fact is that go is translated from English as “go”, “go”, lightly – “easy”, “carefree”. And holly means “holly” – plant with sharp leaves. – Note.

Tatiana Larina – “Eugene Onegin”

It is difficult to imagine that the romantic Pushkin’s Tatiana could to call otherwise. However, at first the poet called her Natalia. Interestingly, the name Tatiana became popular largely due to the novel, and before that was considered commonplace and old-fashioned.

Sherlock Holmes – “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”

The famous detective initially called Sherrinford Hope or Sherrinford Holmes. According to some sources, Conan Doyle changed the name of the character at the urging of his wife, and according to others, because stories about the hero with that name were not accepted by publishers.

John Watson – “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”

Dr. Watson, or Watson, too changed name. He was Ormond Saker. Some researchers of Conan Doyle’s work suggest that the prototype of the character may have been an acquaintance of the writer, Dr. James Watson.

Woland – “Master and Margarita”

Bulgakov’s Woland in the early editions of the novel called Theodore. Translated from the ancient Greek, this name means “gift of God.” There was a hint of the connection between Woland and Yeshua.

D’Artagnan – The Three Musketeers

Dumas called his hero Nathaniel, but the publishers did not like the name, and it had to be removed from the manuscript. And the prototype of the brave Gascon is considered a nobleman Charles Ogier de Baz de Castelmore, on the maternal line – the Count d’Artagnan. He did succeed in a brilliant career, although he was unlikely to have the wit and cunning of his literary twin.

Bonus: June Osborne / Fredova – “The Maid’s Tale”

In the original novel Margaret Atwood’s real name Fredova is not disclosed, but in the series she was given the name June. In the book, women who are preparing to become servants whisper their names at night: “Alma”, “Janine”, “Dolores”, “Moira”, “June”. We’ll find out about all of them later, except June. Therefore, readers have suggested that the name belongs to Fredova.

The writer noted that she did not have such an idea, but the name is so appropriate that she agrees with readers.

And what names of heroes do you like more? Maybe the original versions better reflected the characters?

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