10 celebrities who had a difficult relationship with their parents, but who were able to fix everything

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A recent survey of young people found that about 17% of participants were estranged from the closest family member. Not surprisingly, celebrity families often have quarrels, which often leads to alienation from parents. Some people try to reconnect with their family, and some decide never to look back.

Here are ten examples of how some celebrities have found the courage to build relationships with their parents, and we admire their courage.

1. Miley Cyrus

The Hannah Montana TV show brought together many families, but not the Cyrus family. Miley once admitted that the show on the contrary destroyed their family. Despite the fact that their relationship is complex, and each of them is individual in its own way, they put unconditional love at the head of the corner, and this is what brought them together again.

Miley’s family is also very supportive of her, and in an interview her father Billy said that what Miley went through in those years was because she reinvented her sound. “She is developing herself as an artist. I think it’s still my Miley. “

2. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew’s mother, Kay McConaughey, enjoyed her son’s fame even more than he did, and this led to 8 years of alienation between them. As Matthew tried to find his own balance between fame and personal life, he opened up to his mother. However, Kay did not keep this information with her and would have shared it with the media, thinking that Matthew would not know.

McConaughey was against his mother’s betrayal and stopped sharing personal belongings with her. Over time, Matthew became more confident that he had achieved what he wanted in his career, and settled the relationship with his mother. “My boat was built well enough, and I didn’t feel like it could sink.”

3. Mariah Carey

Mariah’s relationship with her family is much more than complicated. In her book The Importance of Mariah Carey, she calls her siblings ex, but also mentions that, despite everything, she reserved a little space in her heart for her mother. But with boundaries. “Creating boundaries with the woman who gave birth to me is not easy – it’s unfinished business.”

4. Selena Gomez

Although Selena and her mother, Mandy Typheus, look like a duo of the mother and daughter of our dreams, they had their share of ups and downs. Their confusion was caused by the fact that Selena decided to resume her relationship with Justin Bieber, and her mother was against it.

This event led to the fact that the mother and daughter stopped subscribing to each other on Instagram. But their love for each other is greater than their problems, and they always find ways to build their relationship.

5. Justin Bieber

Around 2014, Justin and his mother quarreled. He kept his distance from his mother because, as he once said, he was ashamed of himself. “I never wanted my mom to be disappointed in me, and I knew it was.”

They spent some time without talking to each other, and it took them a while to rebuild their trust. But Justin loves his mother and believes that she is an amazing woman, and fortunately, their relationship is improving.

6. Angelina Jolie

Angelina and her father John are working to leave the past behind after years of alienation. After her divorce from Brad Pitt, Jolie and her children were seen having dinner with Voight, trying to rebuild their relationship.

Despite their difficulties, they found common ground with art and were able to speak. “John and I got to know each other better – now, thanks to our grandchildren, we’re building a new relationship, and it’s very, very nice,” Jolie admitted.

7. Drew Barrymore

Drew and her mother had hardly spoken to each other for many years since coming of age. However, in her Wild Flower memoir, Drew wrote that she was not angry with them for their unconventional lives when they were together because she loved her life.

Even though they don’t talk, Drew still supports his mother financially. “I have to know that she is taken care of, otherwise I just can’t live anymore. I am grateful to this woman for bringing me into this world, and I would be saddened to learn that she needed something. ”

8. Demi Lovato

Demi disliked her father, Patrick. And when he died, she admitted that she was very controversial. “He was evil, but he wanted to be a good man, and he wanted to have a family. When my mother married my stepfather, he said, “I’m so glad he takes care of you and does the job I want to do.”

Despite the fact that Demi and her father did not establish a relationship while he was still alive, she decided to forgive him and wrote a letter of thanks, thanking him for everything she received from him.

9. Oliver Hudson

After Oliver’s parents divorced, Bill, Oliver’s father, ceased to be present in his life. In 2015, instead of wishing Bill a Happy Father’s Day, he wrote “Happy Abandoned Day” in his Instagram post. Bill was offended by his son’s comment and tried to contact him.

Oliver’s post helped them revive their relationship and see each other after 12 long years. “We are corresponding and trying to see each other,” he said. “Maybe we’re fixing something.”

10. Paris Hilton

As a teenager, Paris had rebellious years, which led her parents to send her to a boarding school to try to curb her behavior. However, the school staff constantly made her feel bad and mocked her. While she was there, she lost touch with her parents because she was cut off from the outside world.

Filming her documentary on YouTube was, in a sense, therapeutic for her, as she was finally able to talk about the trauma of her past. “It feels like my nightmare is over. And I’m going to watch a movie with my parents – I think it will be good for us, but emotionally too. There are no more secrets, ”Paris admitted in an interview.

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