10 best stage images of Chonguk from BTS

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What would Chonguk nor put it on, it’s all in his face!

Although he looks great in everything, some of his outfits have become legendary. Here are the 10 best stage images of “Golden McNae”:

1. There are no words to describe his attractiveness in this outfit

Chains on the body! Jacket! Fans really liked this image.

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2. The outfit from the performance with “My Time” is legendary

A long red jacket sits perfectly on a tall athletic figure Chongukaand a shirt with an animal print emphasizes his powerful and wild aura during the dance!

Animated GIF

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3. There is definitely something special in this image

And although this image is not as bright as the others on this list, it remains one of the most memorable.

Animated GIF


This ultra-modern white image is so stylish! Fans especially like big rough sneakers.

Animated GIF

5. This suit is too good

Chonguku this vintage image goes incredibly well.

Animated GIF

6. “Fake Love” is forever in the hearts of fans

This image will be legendary even after a year!

Animated GIF

7. cute pale pink image

Outfit in which Chonguk performed “Euphoria”, was so beautiful!

Animated GIF

8. transparent lace shirt

Armies from all over the world could not contain their delight when Chonguk appeared in this outfit during the concert “Map of the Soul ON: E”.

Animated GIF

9. Chonguk is a real prince

This hanbok looks amazing! And, of course, it is impossible not to mention the tail Chonguka!!

Animated GIF

10. MOM 2018

This image was popular even among people who are not fond of k-pop.

Animated GIF

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