10 best motivational books for self-development

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The story of Nick Vujicic’s life could in itself be a motivational bestseller. Doctors who gave birth to his mother could hardly believe that a child born without arms and legs could become a successful writer, a world-renowned motivational speaker, a happy husband and father. But Nick proved to himself and others that circumstances are nothing compared to willpower, discipline, and a desire to live. There is always a way out. The main thing is not to focus on obstacles to happiness, but on what can really be changed.

“Life often seems unfair to us,” Vujicic writes. He explains that difficult times and circumstances often make us doubt ourselves and lead to despair. But he is convinced that the best strategy when faced with difficulties is to find a reason to rejoice in them. In the book, Vujicic not only talks about himself, he gives specific and very effective advice

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