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💫Lube leader Nikolai Rastorguev touched social media with a shot of a 91-year-old mother

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Singer Nikolai Rastorguev, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, celebrated his 65th birthday with the main “culprit of the celebration”: “Mom’s home!” – signed a touching birthday photo. “You are very similar”– the choir comments on social networks.

Maria Alexandrovna will turn 92 in March.

“What happiness! Mom, home, birthday !! 🔥🔥🔥 Health to you and many years❤️”, – congratulate the fans.

In honor of the birthday, the leader of the group “Lube” visited the “Evening Urgant”. Viewers are ironic about the residence of the author of patriotic songs in Europe: “From Germany it is better to listen to how birches make noise in Russia 😂”, “Such a” patriot “, and lives abroad?”

Nikolai Rastorguev Ivan Urgant

“That’s how he’s treated there”, – commentators protect the idol. In 2009, Nikolai Rastorguev had a donor kidney transplant.

“He lived in the next house in Lyubertsy, he and his son went to the same school, they danced to his songs at the bottom of the city every year. And now everyone, a rare guest,” others are sad.

Some have time to criticize the star’s outfit: “I would dress better.”

Nikolai Rastorguev 2022

A year ago, Nikolai Rastorguev posted a rare family photo: “Mother, sister, sons and granddaughter.” The singer has two sons from two marriages: 44-year-old Pavel and 27-year-old Nikolai.

Nikolai Rastorguev children

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