[ОБНОВЛЕНО] Dispatch revealed a couple of members of the 4th generation men’s groups

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It became known that two idol guys from popular groups of the 4th generation are in a relationship. Participants were involved in the scandal Stray Kids and ATEEZ.

Many still remember April 1, 2016, when Dispatch decided to reveal a rather unexpected couple – Kaya from ECHO and Crystal from f (x). Despite the fact that most fans thought it was a joke, the agency SM Entertainmentunder the wing of which are both artists, quickly confirmed the rumors.

Apart from this case, Dispatch also known for their tradition – to start the new year with a scandal, on January 1, revealing a new pair of celebrities. However, 2022 began calmly and the media deceived the expectations of fans, leaving nothing. Why did this happen?

Attention! This article is an April Fool’s Day draw. Everything described below is a fiction of the author.

It seems because Dispatch were busy preparing something grand for us. The media has been collecting data and facts for a long time in order to publish them today and stun everyone by exposing the first same-sex couple in the key-pop industry!

A week ago, a rumor surfaced in one of the online communities about idol guys who are in a relationship with each other.
An anonymous message said:
«These two… They met on a show where they were rivals, but it seems that a spark still flew between them… They performed together and probably it all started then. They do not meet for long, but everything is very serious. I will not name names, but these are two of the popular 4th generation bands. Remember my words when everything becomes known»

The reaction of netizens was ambiguous:
«People, go register»

«They’d better leave the industry to hell»

«Until the first of April, another week, lol»

«Who is this ??? I urgently need to know. I hope this is my bias T.T.»

«Felix and Uyon ?? They are from the 4th generation, were on the Kingdom and seem to be very close when preparing for a joint performance»

«Ah, no, we are not ready for that yet…»

And today everything fell into place when Dispatch published the collected materials!

The paparazzi repeatedly caught the couple during dates:

The media report read:

«Sun and Felix met on the set of the Kingdom show. They got closer in preparation for the joint performance, but then their friendship grew into something bigger. They have been in a relationship for five months and have never hidden it from friends and relatives.»

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JYP Entertainment and KQ Entertainment no statements have been made yet, but insiders say the agencies are preparing to confirm the information.

Congratulations guys and wish you long love!

I remind you once again that everything said in this article is a joke that does not carry any evil intent. Happy April Fool’s Day, friends!

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