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What is the most important thing for men in life? What are they? What do they think, what do they want, what do they dream about? The books in this collection are just about that. Rubanov wrote a magnificent novel about the inner world of a banker, originally from the 90s. Kuvaev – about geologists for whom the meaning of life is at work. Prilepin is about boys, young men, ordinary boys and, it would seem, their ordinary lives. Each of these books has much to say about the harsh male life and male perception of the world.

“Prepare for war,” Andrei Rubanov

It is impossible to break away from this book. The text pulsates, charges and infects. Adrenaline whips from the pages. This book deprived me of sleep. Banker Znaev lives fast. Efficient and productive. Every minute counts. Time is the main value, it cannot be wasted on nonsense. You can’t be slow. Every movement, every thought must be effective! And even relaxation, rest, sleep – for the sake of greater efficiency, for the sake of greater readiness. At the age of 25, Znaev became a rich man. He is now 42, and he has not spent a day in vain. Too slow a world does not suit him, it annoys him. Too slow people spend most of their lives in vain. The banker is not like that. The banker is fast. Impulsive. Stubborn. Patient. Undoubtedly. Not listening to incompetent advisers. It works perfectly for 18 hours a day. He has no time for entertainment, meaningless chatter, communication with fools, including fools on TV. He does not like the burners of life: “Burning life, a person is like a soldering iron: what kind of valor is to be like a soldering iron?”. He controls everything – topics of conversation, topics of reflection: chaos in the head is unacceptable, it makes a person inefficient and slow. Banker Znaev, a failed rock ‘n’ roll hero, is not just “making money” – he is realizing a dream where his main motto is: “Be ready!” – “Always ready!” Znaev is a charming hero. He is, of course, a lunatic. But not a bastard. He does not giggle over reality. He has everything seriously. Clear, tough, real. He is a warrior. Always at the forefront. For Znaev, there are no unsolvable questions, except one: “How to live fast in a world of slow?” How to endure this leisurely world, an aging and no longer as effective body as enduring love that confuses, confuses thoughts and feelings, and thus distracts, reduces productivity. I do not know what task Rubanov set when he wrote this book. I don’t know what he meant. But it raises a lot of questions and thoughts. What is this life like: self-rape or heroism? Civilized neurosis or the optimal way of life? Is it possible to combine a living, warm person and an effective, perfectly functioning soldier? Is there a place for unconditional love, acceptance, friendship in such a life? What kind of phenomenon is this – a product of the 90’s or a personal deviation that gives birth to geniuses and pioneers? Summary: a must read! Very cool written!

“Territory”, Oleg Kuvaev

This book is about harsh men who work in the Far North. They are looking for gold for the country. Romance has no place in their lives. There are rivers, hills, sweat, cold, blood, fatigue, dreams and a sacred sense of work. There is no place for a prosperous standard of “living like everyone else” and the hypnosis of acquisition. Here, men are bearded for business, not for fashion. The profession of geologist is famous and romanticized for its irrationality: bonfires, passages, tents, beards, guitar songs. And the essence of the profession is completely different. Not in the last match or cartridge, but to penetrate into the depths of the earth. They live in the Territory according to an unwritten code of laws. The main thing here is not money, not the conveniences of life and not pride. The main thing is your ability to work, your hourly readiness to work and your devotion to the belief that this is the only right life on earth. “Be loyal and not cheap.” And the basic holy commandment: “Do or die.” This book is about the hard life of a geologist. A book about those who try life on their own. About those who do not flow thoughtless water through the prepared gutters, but know the rudeness and beauty of the real world. He knows that “behind a righteous face often hides skilled shit, behind a crooked-haired unshaven mask sits a fearless craftsman.” This book is about honesty with oneself, others and life. About direct relations with nature and the elements. It is not written in the easiest language. There are many specific terms associated with field development. There is no romantic line here. The characters are a little emotionally masculine. And I have no idea that the “Territory” should be read by some enthusiastic, gentle young lady. This book is strictly male. But it is worth reading for the sake of the reality of the people (and they are written off from real people) who are described in it, for the sake of their attitude to work and to the country. Sometimes life is a pursuit of pleasure. There is a life-service. Life is like a search for love. Or life as a search for yourself. Life as development. And here life is like work. And this is rare – both in reality and in books.

“Sin and Other Stories”, Zakhar Prilepin

When I start reading Prilepin, I know for sure that three things will be provided to me: excellent language, a sense of clarity and a recognizable effect. In his books, everything is very real, true, alive, unimagined. These are not ephemeral heroes or fictional situations. Here are those around you: your restless neighbor, or your unlucky friend, or yourself. People are not always nice and right, but invariably real. Here live, talk and act as ordinary people live, talk and act. Therefore you believe in every word, you are permeated by every thought. You couldn’t explain to yourself in words what you felt, what you thought – some indistinct fragments turned out, vague sensations. And Prilepin took ordinary, earthly Russian words and composed them in such a way that you finally understood: yes, that’s what happened to me. And so am I, this is about me… “Sin” – a collection of stories very different in mood. In some – the joy of youth, the delight of life, energy, love. Warm, bright, glorious. Clear. Fresh. Open. Gentle. Shrill. And no vulgarity. I love it so much. When in sexual scenes, in men’s thoughts about a woman – not a gram of vulgarity. And in other stories – drunk, tense, angry, annoyed, scary. But again, so natural, honest. Sometimes – to the point of ants or disgust. In these stories you see what a person is like, what he has inside, what he feels like, how he lives. And after all household situations are described. Grayness is one, if you look with ordinary eyes. And Prilepin looked, and – it’s not gray at all. And here in the heart already “the tender tickle dances” or “in teeth the giggle of the bad one”. And the housewife turns into romance, or adventure, or a heartbreaking story.

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